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The form below contains eleven (11) parts.  It will take approximately twenty (20) minutes to complete even if you have created your Disability Folder as described on our "First Time Applicant's Self Help" page. Depending on your unique situation, completing this form may be a lengthy process.  The information requested in this form is the same kind of information we would request from you on your initial consultation with our office.  Completing this form does not obligate you in any way, nor does it obligate our firm to represent you.  This form is simply a tool for helping us evaluate your potential for acquiring disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Disability Benefit Evaluation Request

Disability Benefit Evaluation Request

I understand this is a request for an evaluation for Social Security Disability Benefits, and that I am not forming an obligatory relationship with the Law Office of Russell R. Bowling by completing this evaluation request form. *
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Q. What if My Disability is Caused by Drugs and/or Alcohol?

A. Congress has enacted legislation that imposes significant restrictions on the eligibility for Social Security benefits if substance abuse issues…

Q. Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability if My Ailment is Not Permanent?

A. Yes. Social Security law requires only that the disabling condition (1) result in death OR (2) exist for a…

Q. When Can I Expect a Hearing on My Claim?

Due to the high volume of appeals in Social Security cases, it often takes several months before each level of…

Q. What Type of Disability is Required Before I Qualify?

A. To be eligible for Social Security (SS) benefits, you must have mental and/or physical impairments of such severity that…

Q. What is an Administrative Law Judge Hearing?

A. Social Security (SS) hearings are presided over by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Fortunately, the Western North Carolina area…

Q. What Happens if I Try to Work When I am Receiving Social Security Benefits?

A. According to Social Security law, it is mandatory to report any income or benefits you receive while you are…

Q. What Type of Physical Ailments are Considered Disabling Under Social Security Law?

A. The Social Security Administration reviews the overall impact of your cumulative ailments in deciding whether you are disabled or…

Q. How Long Do I Have to Wait to File for Social Security Disability Benefits?

A. There is no waiting period at all. You can file for Social Security Disability benefits the day you become…

Q. How Much Will I Receive in Social Security Disability Benefits Every Month?

A. The amount of monthly Social Security benefit checks you receive will depend on what type of program you are…

Q. Do I Have Any Chance of Winning a Social Security Disability Case if I Am a Young Person?

A. Yes. While age is an extremely important consideration in deciding disability cases, the Social Security Administration will also look…



The case and all it entailed has been a pleasurable and stress free process due to the employees in this law firm. We definitely would highly recommend them!! 5 stars all around.

Just used for a basic will and such everything went smoothly. I would return.

They explained my options clearly, took time to listen to my questions about my options and then helped me to set an appointment with social security to start the process of filing for disability. 


Bowling Law office in Franklin are wonderful to do business with. They handled the closing sale of my retirement home in Franklin, NC. Olga was amazing with her tenacity to keep things moving. Thank you Olga and everyone at Russell Bowling Law Office.

Excellent staff and quality of service is excellent, their response time is above average prior to past experience with a law office.
Best lawyer in WNC.

Not only were we successful in our appeals case, we were treated with kindness, dignity and respect. Thank You Attorney Bowling, Monica and all who are there to help people win cases like us!

I have used this office several times and highly recommend them. Very professional, knowledgeable and patient. Thank you!
Great people.
They responded to phone calls and emails promptly and addressed all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Their knowledge and expertise helped the process go smoothly and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you!
Had a fine closing, thanks Heidi and Russell for your hard work and getting it settled. Bringing in a closing on the target date and on a Friday afternoon to boot, isn't always easy. A lot has to happen to make it so!
Very informative and helpful!
Excellent staff and quality of service is excellent, their response time is above average prior to past experience with a law office.

Bowling Law Office handled a closings in 2022 and at the beginning of 2023 for us. One of us lived in Tennessee and the other in Florida. Everything was handled very efficiently. Olga did an awesome job communicating with us! I would highly recommend Bowling Law Office.

We have had several closings with Russell. Always on time with closing, very professional.
Professional staff, great communication, top notch legal team and attorney.
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