The Disability Claims Process

At the Law Office of Russell Bowling in Franklin, North Carolina, we understand that navigating the disability claims process can be both confusing and overwhelming, particularly when dealing with financial challenges that often accompany the inability to work. Our firm is committed to providing supportive services, doing our utmost to make the Social Security claim process less burdensome for you and your loved ones. We strongly advise reaching out to us promptly if your initial claim is denied. We offer complimentary consultations and contingent attorneys’ fees.

We empathize with the financial worries you might have, resulting from the loss of your regular work capabilities. We represent clients who have become incapacitated or disabled under a variety of circumstances. Our assistance extends to those who have been injured in a myriad of accidents or incidents, including automobile accidents and workplace accidents among others.

The disability claim process can indeed be puzzling and exasperating. For over three decades, Russell Bowling has worked diligently to achieve favorable outcomes for disabled clients. As your legal representative, Russell will provide attentive legal services, taking the time to understand your concerns. This dedication to clients, coupled with a history of successful claims, has brought us many words of gratitude from our clients.

At the Law Office of Russell Bowling, we represent clients who become disabled through a variety of circumstances. We’re here to assist those who have been injured in all types of accidents or incidents, including auto accidents, workplace accidents, and other unfortunate events.