Q: Could You Explain What an Administrative Law Judge Social Security Hearing is?

A: Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Social Security Hearings are proceedings presided over by an Administrative Law Judge, a final evaluator of disability claims in the Social Security Administration. These hearings are relatively less formal compared to other court proceedings, and there’s no District Attorney or U.S. Attorney representing Social Security. Some ALJs may ask questions, while others might allow your attorney to pose all the questions.

Your role in these hearings primarily involves explaining to the ALJ your condition and the reasons why it prevents you from resuming work. The ALJ, after considering all the evidence, your medical records, and the testimony presented during the hearing, will make a decision.

In certain cases, the ALJ might request the testimony of a vocational or medical expert concerning hypothetical situations related to your condition(s). It’s crucial to have legal representation to help you navigate through the process, understand the issues at hand, expected testimony, and the overall procedure. Russell Bowling is a Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law. He and his team will ensure that you are well-prepared for these hearings.