Q. Should I Apply for Social Security When I Am Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

A. Yes, in general, Social Security law requires that you be disabled for a continuous period of twelve (12) months or more to be eligible for benefits. If you miss more than one (1) week of work due to your disability, you may become eligible for Workers’ Compensation weekly checks. If you anticipate that your disability might last for more than twelve (12) months, it is advisable to apply for Social Security benefits.

Applying for Social Security benefits is essential as it may take over one (1) year to receive approval. It’s prudent to apply for these benefits unless you are certain that you will return to work within the twelve (12) month period. The interaction between Workers’ Compensation and Social Security benefits can be quite complex, and it’s crucial to coordinate the receipt of these benefits properly. To ensure that you navigate these intricacies correctly, it is recommended to consult with a qualified lawyer who can provide guidance and assistance.