Expediting a Successful Social Security Disability Claim

This article takes a look on what you can do to increase your chances of a quick and successful resolution to your Social Security Disability claim.

The fight for Social Security Disability Benefits: What’s at Stake

The process of winning a Social Security Disability claim may seem interminable, but there are things you can do to facilitate the process. You may have been injured or incapacitated by illness to the point that you cannot work, so you no longer have a paycheck on which you can rely. Unfortunately, the paycheck may have stopped but the bills keep coming, and the money seems to go out at a much faster rate than it ever came in. Expediting your claim is crucial, not only to your finances, but to your peace of mind.

Accuracy and Thoroughness Is Key

Never leave anything to chance when filling out your application. Be sure to provide as much information as you can as accurately as you can. Omit nothing, and conceal nothing. Make sure all of the details of your condition, your medical results, your treatments, the facilities that you went to, all of the medical personnel who saw and treated you along with dates and contact information is included. Check to be sure that SSA has up-to-date copies of all of your medical records from the earliest possible dates to the present so that any benefits for which you may qualify can be considered and awarded. Consider the possibility of retroactive disability benefits for previous disabilities.


You can save a great deal of time by including copies of your medical treatment records when you submit your application. Normally, the SSA must send for these, and this eats up time. If you provide them from the beginning, you remove the necessity of waiting for hospitals and doctors’ offices to assemble and forward them on. This can save both you and the SSA weeks or even months of waiting.

Stay Current

Don’t forget to follow up, and don’t assume that everything is moving smartly along. Contact the SSA from time to time to check on your claim. This reminds the examiner that you are involved, that you are concerned with the successful processing of your claim and that you are strongly aware of the passing of time. It also reminds them that you are in need. Taking an active part in the processing of your claim keeps you in the forefront of their thoughts and may provide them with an additional incentive to keep your case moving. It also puts you in a good position to check to see if there is any documentation that they need in addition to what you have already sent in so that you can provide it. Further, it enables you to ensure that everything that you have sent in has been duly received and that all of your documentation, required forms and so on are current.

Seek Legal Assistance

Finally, don’t hesitate to engage your SSD lawyer in Franklin, NC, to provide you with legal assistance and counsel, especially if your claim involves a large settlement. Your attorney will be able to work closely with the SSA, so your case is settled in a timely manner.

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